# Kafka performance: CPU

Published 2022-12-03

This tutorial explains to you the impact of the CPU on the Kafka server performance.

Here are some information to retain about the CPU & Kafka cluster performance:

  • CPU is not generally a performance bottleneck in production environment as long as Kafka doesn't do any message transformation.

  • CPU can be used for compression. The compression will increase the CPU usage. However, if the producer and the consumers compress/decompress the messages, the CPU of Kafka broker is not impacted.

  • In production environment the messages are encrypted (when SSL enabled), so the CPU will be used for decrypt/encrypt the messages. This will add a load on the CPU. Note that if SSL is enabled, the CPU requirements can be significantly higher.

  • You should choose a modern processor with multiple cores. Common clusters utilize 24 core machines.

  • If you need to choose between faster CPUs or more cores, choose more cores. The extra concurrency that multiple cores offers will far outweigh a slightly faster clock speed.