# Interaction overview Diagram

Published 2022-12-03

This tutorial explains to you what a UML Interaction overview Diagram is. Here are the concepts explanation and an example.

UML Interaction overview Diagrams combine elements of activity diagrams with sequence diagrams to show the flow of program execution. UML Interaction Overview Diagram schematically shows a control flow with nodes and a sequence of activities that can contain interaction or sequence diagrams.

UML Interaction overview Diagrams was introduced on the UML 2 version. The UML Interaction overview Diagram gathers benefits related to specific and global behaviors. When the nodes are sequence diagrams, it allows a valuated control flow specification.

Here is an example of UML Interaction overview Diagrams:

In this Interaction overview Diagrams you have to understand the following:

  • Schedule Verification, Verification, Final Report - PDF and Final Report - Papiers are Activity Diagrams. With this new "Interaction overview" Diagram you have an overview of other diagrams.

  • Interaction overview Diagrams is similar to an Activity Diagram in UML, but has no details because is an "overview".