# Object Diagram

Published 2022-12-03

This tutorial explains to you what a UML Object Diagram is. Here are the concepts explanation and an example.

An Object is an instance of a class.

Object diagrams represent an instance of a class diagram. The basic concepts are similar for class diagrams and object diagrams.

If a Class Diagram in UML is a conceptual diagram, the Object Diagram in UML is a static view of a system, a snapshot of the system at a particular moment.

A Class Diagram HAS NO TIME DIMENSION. An Object Diagram is related to a particular TIME.

Here is an Example:

Here is a good parallel between the Class and Object Diagram in UML to understand the Object Diagram.

The object diagram is more close to the actual system behavior. The purpose is to capture the static view of a system at a particular moment.

Here is the structure of an Object into an Object Diagram :